B.Sc, B. Chiro, CFMP, MNZCA

A graduate of The University of Auckland (B.Sc - Psychology) & the New Zealand College of Chiropractic (2004), she established Compton Chiropractic in 2013. 

With a passion to help others reach their full potential, she has furthered her education in applied kinesiology, nutrition, paediatric / pregnancy care & cranial therapy. She is also a certified functional medicine practitioner with training through the Functional Medicine University in the US.  


Frustrated in seeing clients "stuck" with recurring spinal & health issues she has found that these additional skills and a more holistic approach have helped her clients achieve greater results. 

She credits chiropractic care and applied kinesiology in helping her overcome frequent headaches, low back pain and bowel issues.

Now with a range of techniques and 16 + years of clinical experience, she finds great joy in helping others discover the root cause(s) of their health challenges and address them naturally. 

She has a keen interest in gut health (especially irritable bowel syndrome) and women's hormonal health. 


A mother of two delightful boys, she also loves caring for families, pregnant mothers, babies and children, helping them to be at their best. 

As a side project, Dr Georgina provides FREE tools, low tox living tips and holistic health articles (on a range of conditions) at nourishtoflourish.co.nz.